June 10 - Clear Lake City - June 10

Posted by Erin True on May 30 2023 at 03:54PM PDT

Dear Dolphins,
This email is about JUNE 10.
Please go to the parent portal on our website and be sure to declare your swimmer as attending and pick some events for JUNE 10 meet at Clear Lake City. You must declare your swimmer by Sunday, June 4. You may absolutely declare for all swim meets and then you have that DONE! Easy. We have a small team so participation from each swimmer and parent volunteers is so important! I want to see you there!

Attached is the meet invite with important directions, parking, times, agenda, volunteer needs (there are a lot of volunteer needs at an away meet too – please check with Ron if you haven’t signed up for a volunteer spot at this meet – it seriously takes a 2 stop light village to run a meet) and concession information. We will send one for each upcoming meet. Read it.

Fins up here we go swimming into summer!
Erin True

If you are feeling lost, read the parent handbook on the Timber Cove Dolphins website under schedule (link is at the top in blue) then call/text me any questions.

The document TimberCove_Meet_Invite_June_10_2023.pdf was attached to this post.