June 17 - Pearland Natatorium with Seabrook & Pearland

Posted by Erin True on Jun 02 2023 at 11:04AM PDT

Dolphins – this is the meet invitation for our 3rd meet, June 17

Host Team : Pearland Pirates
Visiting Team : Timber Cove and Seabrook
Date of meet: June 17, 2023
Start time: 8:00 a.m.

Location of meet: Pearland Recreation Center & Natatorium
4141 Bailey Rd, Pearland, TX 77584

8 lanes – 25 yards
Host swims odd lanes
Visitors warm-up time: 7:00-7:20am Both visiting teams will warm up together.
Host warm-up time: 7:20-7:40am

1. Meet will be scored in Hy TeK Meet Manager with 3 timers per lane and times entered into
Meet Manager 8.0.
2. Entries should be uploaded via Hy-Tek.
3. Host team will provide meet results via Hy-Tek

  • Please note that OnDeck results are preliminary only!
    4. Heat / Event Information -
    ● Events 1-10 will be pre-seeded and printed Friday night
    ● All relays, 200 IM, and 200 Free – 1 Heat Each
    ● Breaststroke, Butterfly and 100 IM – 2-6 Heats
    ● 25 and 50 Free and Back – Unlimited Entries
    Other information and/or special considerations for this meet are as follows:
    ● The meet will officially begin at 8:00am.
    ● Please arrive by 6:30am for check-in.
    ● All Timers for all timing shifts – will meet at 7:40am under the scoreboard on the diving
    side or the pool
    ● Swimmers for events 1-8 should be at the ready area starting at 7:50am.
    ● Parking/building entrance is located on both sides of the natatorium. (See attached
    parking map)
    ● Absolutely no food of any kind is allowed in the pool deck area.
    ● Only athletes, coaches, officials, team reps, timers, and board members are allowed on
    the pool deck.
    ● Only coaches, officials, scoring volunteers and team reps will be allowed in the scoring
    desk area / team clerk office.
    ● Breakfast, snacks and lunch will be available at the concession stand.
    ● This will be an indoor meet with outdoor set up.
    ● Athletes should remain in the set-up areas outside if not swimming; stands are
    reserved for spectators. No set up in the stands please.
    ● Entries exchange by Thursday no later than 8:00pm.
    ● Entry lists will be made available by 7am, pick up from clerk – clerk will not print entry
    ● Scratches by 7:15am
    Visiting Teams Volunteers
    It is up to the team how you decide to cover the whole meet. This list is what is needed
    for the entire meet for both Timber Cove and Seabrook. If you wish to double the
    number of volunteers in order for them to switch out at the halfway point, that is
    completely up to your team.
    FYI: Pearland Pirates does two volunteer shifts throughout the meet (events 1-40 and
    events 41-80).
    ○ 1 Team Representative
    ○ 2 Ready Area Volunteers
    ○ 1 Runner (to pass out / pick up heat and lane sheets during meet)
    ○ 2 Stroke and Turn Judges
    ○ 1 Assistant Clerk of Course
    ○ 1 Assistant Scorers
    ○ One-Fourth of the Timers and 1 Co-Head Timer – (6 timers for visiting team per
    shift) (2 shifts = 12) (3 Shifts = 24) Pearland will supply one-half the timers for
    the meet.
    ● Bring a report of Roster Information or have access to website for swimmer’s ID to
    facilitate deck entries
    ● Timing Meeting
    ○ All Timers – will meet at 7:40am under the scoreboard – diving board end of pool
    ● Officials meeting at 7:25am in the hospitality room
    ● Scratches by 7:15am or earlier

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