Assistant Coach Job Description & Application Information

Posted by Timber Cove Dolphins on Feb 28 2024 at 05:46PM PST

Timber Cove Dolphin Swim Team Assistant Coach Position

The Work Schedule begin with a Parent Meeting (4/22) and conclude with the Championship Meet or End of Season Party, whichever is later.

April 22 Parent Meeting 6:30 – 7:30

May 2024 Practice Schedule: 4:30 – 7:30 pm, M- TH (starting May 1)

June/July Practice: 7:00-10:00 am M-F + 10:00-10:30 (Friday – Start & Turn)

Swim Meets: 6-1-24; 6-8-24 6-1-24; 6-15-24; 6-22-24; 6-29-24; 7-1-24 (last chance meet); 7-6-24 (Reserve meet); 7-7-24 (Champ Meet)
*Must attend above listed meets in their entirety.

End of Season Party – TBD

Safety. Ensure and maintain a safe environment for all swimmers. This includes enforcing team, league, and TCRA rules.
Good Sportsmanship. This position must be both an active role model, leader and teacher of the values associated with good sportsmanship including but not limited to:
Respect & Courtesy for others (teammates, opponents, coaches, junior coaches, volunteers), for the sport of swimming, and for the posted safety rules of the Timber Cove pool;
Unselfishness and Sensitivity; and
Kindness & Friendliness.
Personal Excellence. Stress self-discipline and self-improvement over race placement or point totals.
Fun. Ensure that each swimmer’s experience is to be made as fun as our imagination and the dictates of safety will allow.

Arrive at the pool a sufficient time before practice in order to set up the pool for practice (at least 15 minutes prior to practice). Be prepared to help put in/take out lane lines daily.
Work directly with each swimmer on an individualized basis and cause / direct assistant and junior coaches to teach and/or improve each swimmer’s technique in all 4 major swimming strokes.
3) Run practice in a timely, orderly and safe fashion.
4) Report to the Timber Cove Dolphin’s Board of Directors (TCD BOD) any broken equipment.
5) Work with head coach to prepare the meet entries for all swim meets, including the Championship Series meet[s].
6) Review records of the swimmers’ times in the various swimming strokes and relays in which they participate.
7) Work directly with the TCD BOD and the swimmers to ensure a smooth-running and safe swim meet. During the meet help keep Jr coaches engaged and on task. Help with relays as needed.
8) Work with coaches and volunteer coaches to ensure that the practices run smoothly and safely. Be prepared/willing to work in the water as necessary.
9) Enforce the posted rules of the Timber Cove pool and any additional rules of conduct and safety imposed by the Board.
10) Enforce the rules and regulations of the Clear Creek Swim League.
11) Possess and maintain current CPR certification. TCD will reimburse up to $50 for a single successfully completed certification course every two calendar years.
12) Other duties as may be reasonably necessary to ensure the safe conduct of all practices and meets.
13) Communicate with parents on matters related to: individual progress, abilities, safety, discipline, and conduct.
14) Make swimming fun!!!
15) Work with head coach to manage and direct Jr Coaches- set expectations for Jr coaches, hold them accountable, and keep track of their hours.
16) Be prepared to interface with parents in a professional manner regarding their swimmer’s progress.

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